By the way, if you have not read this book, please do so for your own happiness and enlightenment. Confrontation doesn't have to be a bad thing. We need someone who writes with extreme clarity to tackle this interesting Platonic observation. November 4, 2020; Tags We would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this, and where you see this parable present in your everyday life. Physical education enhances general health and fitness, which is often a precondition of a sound mind. Leader: West doesn’t want its virus failures to be seen. I would like to clarify that this minimalist focus on the three disciplines of physical education, mathematics and music is not advocating a neglect of other important fields such as economics, science, IT, etc. Read part two here: What a great leader looks like to a follower. Instead, it takes time and dedication to learn how to achieve the goals you set, and how to inspire others to follow you and do the same. The other group scrambling to qualify are those who couldn’t hack it in the trenches, some with as little experience as 3 or 4 years of teaching. I don’t have a factual answer for your question; however, I have a story. Discover and share Plato Quotes On Leadership. Due to the fact that the electorate may have no prior knowledge of the candidate’s skills, we may have to rely on a candidate’s accredited formal education. If you are leading a group, but your spouse doesn’t want to be seen as a “leader,” make sure to field all communication. Being a good leader is one thing, but easily faked. Competence doesn’t communicate. But that shyness goes away once they get a good taste of what it's like to be a good leader, and feel respected. Change ), Using philosophy to improve your life and perspective, Socrates and Plato on Explaining Yourself, Does the best leader get to lead- not according to Socrates and Plato, View all posts by Moralities and the Moral Republic, Plato on Government – Public and Internal Selves, Plato’s View on the Importance of Mind, Body and Wealth. #Musketeers November 9, 2020; Doesn’t everyone want to be a Badass Leader or at least work for one? Who doesn't want to be a leader? For Plato, as for most Greeks, physical education was as important as cultivating the mind.This attitude inspired the later classical Roman saying, mens sana in corpore sano: ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. That doesn’t sound like a leader most people would be eager to follow, but it does sound like a lot of current leaders and the general tenor of our political discourse. But in today’s era of an unending chain of financial crises – for instance, China’s economic slowdown, the financial problems and bailouts of EU nations, or the rising debt of the US Government – mathematical skills would be useful in and of themselves. The problem is, the risk taking might not pay off. Some bosses try to avoid conflict and confrontation at all costs because they don’t want to stir the pot. The good thing is that if it happened that you're in a management position, it doesn't mean that you cannot be a leader. The UK Parliamentary expenses scandal in 2009 was a clear example of the betrayal of the people’s trust. Plato’s Republic: A Utopia For The Individual. A good master was a good leader. Logic allows one to perceive propositions with clarity. It was influential in the Roman Empire and was revived in European political thought in the age of absolutist monarchs. All rights reserved. It is not a compartmentalized subject disconnected from worldly affairs, as today’s academic philosophy can be, but is a passionate desire to understand all there is. Submitted by csours on Saturday April 7th, 2012 2:50 am in Forums . To move from being a manager to being a leader, build a strong followership. Team Leader doesn't want to lead. Generally, the ability to relate to one’s subordinates is a distinctive leadership quality, indispensable in governing. If those in power are more conscientiously selected by citizens, then there will be a reduction of distrust and cynicism towards them. In the twenty-first century, most governments are democratically elected and ordinary citizens are allowed political participation in a concrete way through the ballot box. The main thrust of his argument in The Republic is that those who govern must do so with the relevant expertise, but the philosopher king must be trained in the following in particular: (a) physical education, (b) music, and (c) mathematics (Republic 398b-412b, 522c-e, 525b-526c). If you are leading a group, but your spouse doesn’t want to be seen as a “leader,” make sure to field all communication. Doesn’t everyone want to be a Badass Leader or at least work for one? They are foundational disciplines upon which other forms of expertise may be built on. Like a finely run platoon of soldiers, my troops are lead by example, and I never expect anything more from them than I, myself, am willing to give. 2014 Dec 12;4(1):45-7. doi: 10.15171/ijhpm.2015.03. Mark Tan is Lecturer in Law at Advance Tertiary College, Penang, Malaysia, an affiliate centre of the University of London. As Plato’s works suggest, for him ‘philosophy’ is not to be understood in a narrow sense. You struggle to be visionary. They want to move up the ranks at their company, take on more leadership work, and be held responsible for more moving parts. The Story behind the Badass Leader brand, my passion for leadership, family, friends and motorcycles! I used to work in a union shop. If philosophers were our leaders, then society would be just and … You might find the person’s resistance is not … Leaders are such wonderful people: Comment on "Leadership and leadership development in healthcare settings - a simplistic solution to complex problems?" Which is quite amazing considering the youth of the later. Author Mark Learmonth 1 Affiliation 1 Durham University, Durham, UK. Misfit Entrepreneur PodCast: I UNLEASHED MY INNER MISFIT TOI️AY! They kick, punch, choke, and fight with other fighters inside a ring or an octagon. Only a leader who is shy, would be the one who probably doesn't want to lead. We can intuitively agree that a person with a well-rounded education is better equipped to face and engage the world, and so our choice of leaders should be from among such people. The question is, what amounts to a conscientious choice? Applying it would allow us to avoid the prejudicial mental jump into cynicism that is often our default position in matters of politics, and open up the possibility of building a society where there is mutual trust between citizen and state. November 4, 2020; Get your Boots on!! Something doesn’t feel right. Related blog: 7 inspiring ways to become a great leader people want to work for “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Philly church’s leader doesn’t want fire to be used ‘as a weapon on the political battlefield’ Ellie Silverman, The Philadelphia Inquirer 10/31/2020. Please contribute your ideas! An exception could include some early start up companies, where you have the “true captain” who gives up working for a large corporation, “The Ship”, and goes out to run a business the way he or she thinks it should be run. If those in power are more conscientiously selected by citizens, then there will be a reduction of distrust and cynicism towards them. Unfortunately, not every boss is a leader, and not every leader is a boss. On the contrary, she wants a man who can lead. Being a leader does not mean to be better than everyone else at everything. Instead of seeking to secure the good of the people, motivated by public service commitments, governments can be perceived as doing nothing but consolidating power for themselves, motivated by self interest. Once I accepted, I stopped being an hourly employee and became salaried. Being a leader is just not your thing. The coordination of sounds in music also illustrates the delicate coordination required of political idealism, where the state exists to work towards the common good. Being the leader does not equate to higher ability. In order to formulate effective policies and pass appropriate legislative measures generally, those in government must be able to sift through, prioritise and ascertain the truth of information from multiple sources, for example think-tanks, research institutes, consultants or political lobbyists. Plato is deeply critical of democracy and offers a theory of a governing body of a city-state that would be best suited to achieving the good. By continuing to browse the site with cookies enabled in your browser, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy. The sad thing is, in education anyway, is that most of us would rather see these people in mid-administration positions as opposed to the classroom. But what does it mean to be lover of wisdom, or philosopher? This is because Platonic education means the enhancement not only of one’s intellectual capabilities, but also of the virtue of temperance or self-control, since the process by which expertise is acquired requires the exercise of will and self-discipline. Let me tell you, it’s really OK if you don’t want to be a leader. If you want to grow to dominance, you need an unfiltered leader, someone who will think differently and take risks. ( Log Out /  Certain objections 1 to our interpretation of Plato's political programme have forced us into an investigation of the part played, within this programme, by such moral ideas as Justice, Goodness, Beauty, Wisdom, Truth, and Happiness. Building from within is the only way to ensure that your leader has a sense of commitment and dedication to the endeavors of the company or organization. It is pertinent to note that both the UK and the USA are regarded as ‘model’ democratic nations. For Plato training in mathematics was necessary because it enhances one’s logical and reasoning faculties. Neither does this mean that only those with a good formal education are fit to govern – it does not discount the possibility of natural leaders who possess good leadership skills through other means. The CEO and the senior executives of the management team occupy the formal leadership positions in a company, but titular leadership responsibility doesn't always translate into leadership action. An effective leader knows what to do, how to do it, and how to enlist others to accomplish what could never be accomplished alone. This sort of idealism is not in any way naïve, nor ignorant of Realpolitik, where governments do only what is practical or expedient, rendering what is moral irrelevant or secondary. And it doesn’t mean you are not ambitious. The people he hires have some ability and initiative, so we know that they are at least partly competent. Leadership doesn’t have a one size fits all solution, and there is no magic formula that will instantly make you a great leader. Strong leaders, in Plato’s view, ultimately become demagogic tyrants. In the twenty-first century, most governments are democratically elected and ordinary citizens are allowed political participation in a concrete way through the ballot box. Facebook. Currently, there is a mad dash to attract seasoned teachers out of the classroom and into the romanticized realm of administration. When leaders are rallying against something, people will rally behind them. Political idealism, on the contrary, provides an opposing force to such cynicism. You’ll also want to make your role clear to the group. The ship sets sail, and very soon the crew starts to jostle for the premier spot of captain, the person who steers the boat. that is a true leader and ruler, one that can be trusted to do what it right. This article is apart of a two part series on leadership from the viewpoint of a follower. More recently, we saw the US government prying into the private internet correspondences of people all around the world. However, there is a difficulty about such natural leaders being selected to lead. I used to work in a union shop. ( Log Out /  Twitter. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. “My way or the highway” doesn’t inspire. Scholars still study and discuss it today, but what’s interesting is how Plato’s theory of education has influenced many beliefs and principles that modern society holds.It is a model of education and culture that we have taken heed of in many ways, and that … Create a free website or blog at This perception has led to a cynical attitude towards governments, and a scepticism concerning the sincerity of those in public office. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Brute force, if unconstrained, is dangerous. It’s also true that a training in mathematics simultaneously enhances one’s other logical faculties; ergo, the understanding of mathematics allows one to handle more than just fiscal issues. This sovereignty of reason over emotion and desire is Plato’s conception of justice in the soul. Taking a few courses on The Republic might also be a good idea, since professors can clearly explain things. While the notion of being a leader … PLATO. If your employees don’t believe in your drive and dedication, they will rob you blind and job ship every time something better comes along. A bad master was a bad leader. Strong leaders, in Plato’s view, ultimately become demagogic tyrants. Plato says that ‘philosopher kings’ should be the leaders of society. • Managers focus on execution, while leaders focus on developing and empowering others. PM Narendra Modi virtually … Dion of Syracuse was a disciple of Plato. Archytas was a Pythagorean philosopher and political leader in the ancient Greek city of Tarentum, in Italy. She doesn’t want to feel like a mother to her man. Plato says that ‘philosopher kings’ should be the leaders of society. The one skill that most of the individuals in these two categories possess is the “Art of BS-ing”. I’d add a qualification to Bennis' point: If you do have a specific direction in which you really want to take people, you have a chance to become a leader. What is a leader? In Plato’s Crito, he affirms that the thought of one wise man may be better than the many thoughts of the foolish (Crito 47a-b). I don’t have a factual answer for your question; however, I have a story. i think he means that if you didn't want to rule you are not going to be power hungry and take over. The Republic stimulates ordinary citizens to reflect on the state and to make an appropriate reaction to it, so it can guide our deliberations and subsequent actions too. Basically, this ship is analogous to a democratic government. In present day politics, where we hardly have any in-depth knowledge of our political candidates, the assessment of the suitability of a person’s character based on his achievements would be a pragmatic and workable compromise. Let me tell you, it’s really OK if you don’t want to be a leader. The eventual outcome is that the ship ends up being captained by a sailor who doesn’t know where to steer. A good master was a good leader. We live at a time when there is a general distrust of people towards their governments, perhaps because governments who should do what is for the common good instead reveal their ugly sides. I find a parallel here in Blaise Pascal’s Pensées, where he argues that “justice without might is helpless.” (Section V, 298). I’m quite sure that many leaders and would-be leaders, political or otherwise, are very fond of Socrates on this point—indeed, I’ve heard candidates for academic leadership positions express this view. I am also reminded of George R.R. This is not an absolute law, but one would find it difficult to disagree that a healthy body is crucial to efficiently carry out the daily tasks of government. Rational political control is the path of good governance. And it doesn’t mean you are not ambitious. The only teachers who are presently attracted to the leadership roles of Vice-Principal and Principal are the climbers. Plato, a Greek philosopher and mathematician who lived approximately 427 to 348 B.C. Those who got into teaching for all the wrong reasons. You may be a great manager, but that’s a very different role to that of leader. This is not limited to security personnel (the police, armed forces, etc) but applies to their leaders as well. However, if you have a leader who is resistant to change, you can try exploring the questions above before you give up. Dion of Syracuse was a disciple of Plato. If we want people to stand up, we often need to stand against something. “If a leader can make members of an organization or business feel like it mattered that you showed up every day, or at least most days, then anything is possible," Lowry says. #Cowboy & #Cowgirlup! We call this having a noble fight. will always be the most successful because they have put everything on the line for what they believe in. Archytas was a Pythagorean philosopher and political leader in the ancient Greek city of Tarentum, in Italy. In fact, holding direct, upfront conversations is the key to helping everyone work together as a team. If you have no interest in being part of “the team” at any time, then leadership isn’t for you. Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Sunday the United States and the Europeans do not want their failures in fighting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to be seen. When it comes to learning how to lead a team that doesn't want to be led, it starts with having a company where people are excited to work. Practical reasonableness, as John Finnis lays out in his Natural Law and Natural Rights (1980), would require the state to have a rational plan for the community, to be committed to that plan, and to act in a non-discriminatory manner towards all in the community (Chapter V). by Devan Perine in Blog under Leadership. You don’t want to be known as that leader—the one who’s dishonest, sneaky, underhanded and unethical. The biblical model of leadership suggests otherwise. Those who deny even the slightest possibility of achieving it betray only the scepticism they cherish. Career Management. Interestingly, there’s evidence showing 38% of leaders were chosen by the situation, 44% chose to be leaders and 18% had a little of both influences. You can read four articles free per month.
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