This category includes civil, church, cemetery, obituary, and other death-related collections. Genealogy ranks right up there with sports and finances (and sex!) FamilySearch's German Historical Record Collections. Note: Genealogy Gems Premium website members can hear more about MeyersGaz on Premium Podcast episode 143. Beginning in 1867 or 1871, young men were required at age 20 to register for four years of military service. See also: spelling variations in German documents. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases. Genealogical research in Germany can be a fascinating and productive study; at the same time, it can be disappointing and frustrating. The Verein für Computergenealogie runs the supersite, a many-armed Internet powerhouse that has a growing list of features. This is especially true of dates. Lots of tools, archives, genealogical databases, societies, and lists are collected here to help you find your ancestry in Germany. Currently, the primary language is German. With a Master’s Degree in German Language and Literature, as well as several years spent in German-speaking Austria through the prestigious Fulbright program, I’ve developed a strong passion for the German language, history and culture. Some were available on and/or in the Family History Library (see website … Since most German records are not centralized, it is nearly impossible to trace your ancestors in Germany without this step. So, German genealogists, don’t let those pesky abbreviations get the better of you. German birth and death records often indicated the exact time of day when the birth or death occurred. Kimberly Powell is a professional genealogist and the author of The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy. Download a free PDF reference chart for each list—perfect for keeping on your computer desktop or in your research binders! This page has been viewed 19,579 times (3,744 via redirect). For more information consult: Federation of East European Family History Societies—Map Library FamilySearch—Germany—Maps . Birth Certificate - Geburtsurkunde, GeburtsscheinCensus - Volkszählung, VolkszählungslisteChurch Register - Kirchenbuch, Kirchenreister, Kirchenrodel, PfarrbuchCivil Registry - StandesamtDeath Certificate - Sterbeurkunde, TotenscheinMarriage Certificate - HeiratsurkundeMarriage Register - HeiratsbuchMilitary - Militär, Armee (army), Soldaten (soldier), Baptism / Christening -Taufe, Taufen, GetaufteBirth - Geburten, Geburtsregister, Geborene, geborenBurial - Beerdigung, Beerdigt, Begraben, Begräbnis, BestattetConfirmation - Konfirmation, FirmungenDeath - Tot, Tod, Sterben, Starb, Verstorben, Gestorben, SterbefälleDivorce - Scheidung, EhescheidungMarriage - Ehe, Heiraten, Kopulation, EheschließungMarriage Banns - Proklamationen, Aufgebote, VerkündigungenMarriage Ceremony, Wedding - Hochzeit, Trauungen, Ancestor - Ahnen, Vorfahre, VorfahrinAunt - TanteBrother - Bruder, BrüderBrother-in-law - Schwager, SchwägerChild - Kind, KinderCousin - Cousin, Cousins, Vetter (male), Kusine, Kusinen, Base (female)Daughter - Tochter, TöchterDaughter-in-law - Schwiegertochter, SchwiegertöchterDescendant - Abkömmling, Nachkomme, NachkommenschaftFather - Vater, VäterGranddaughter - EnkelinGrandfather - GroßvaterGrandmother - GroßmutterGrandson - EnkelGreat-grandfather - UrgroßvaterGreat-grandmother - UrgroßmutterHusband - Mann, Ehemann, GatteMother - MutterOrphan - Waise, VollwaiseParents - ElternSister - SchwesterSon - Sohn, SöhneUncle - Onkel, OheimWife - Frau, Ehefrau, Ehegattin, Weib, Hausfrau, Gattin, Date - DatumDay - TagMonth - MonatWeek - WocheYear - JahrMorning - Morgen, VormittagsNight - NachtJanuary - Januar, JännerFebruary - Februar, FeberMarch - MärzApril - AprilMay - MaiJune - JuniJuly - JuliAugust - August,September - September (7ber, 7bris)October - Oktober (8ber, 8bris)November - November (9ber, 9bris)December - Dezember (10ber, 10bris, Xber, Xbris), One (first) - eins (erste)Two (second) - zwei (zweite)Three (third) - drei or dreÿ (dritte)Four (fourth) - vier (vierte)Five (fifth) - fünf (fünfte)Six (sixth) - sechs (sechste)Seven (seventh) - sieben (siebte)Eight (eighth) - acht (achte)Nine (ninth) - neun (neunte)Ten (tenth) - zehn (zehnte)Eleven (eleventh) - elf or eilf (elfte or eilfte)Twelve (twelfth) - zwölf (zwölfte)Thirteen (thirteenth) - dreizehn (dreizehnte)Fourteen (fourteenth) - vierzehn (vierzehnte)Fifteen (fifteenth) - fünfzehn (fünfzehnte)Sixteen (sixteenth) - sechzehn (sechzehnte)Seventeen (seventeenth) - siebzehn (siebzehnte)Eighteen (eighteenth) - achtzehn (achtzehnte)Nineteen (nineteenth) - neunzehn (neunzehnte)Twenty (twentieth) - zwanzig (zwanzigste)Twenty-one (twenty-first) - einundzwanzig (einundzwanzigste)Twenty-two (twenty-second) - zweiundzwanzig (zweiundzwanzigste)Twenty-three (twenty-third) - dreiundzwanzig (dreiundzwanzigste)Twenty-four (twenty-fourth) - vierundzwanzig (vierundzwanzigste)Twenty-five (twenty-fifth) - fünfundzwanzig (fünfundzwanzigste)Twenty-six (twenty-sixth) - sechsundzwanzig (sechsundzwanzigste)Twenty-seven (twenty-seventh) - siebenundzwanzig (siebenundzwanzigste)Twenty-eight (twenty-eighth) - achtundzwanzig (achtundzwanzigste)Twenty-nine (twenty-ninth) - neunundzwanzig (neunundzwanzigste)Thirty (thirtieth) - dreißig (dreißigste)Forty (fortieth) - vierzig (vierzigste)Fifty (fiftieth) - fünfzig (fünfzigste)Sixty (sixtieth) - sechzig (sechzigste)Seventy (seventieth) - siebzig (siebzigste)Eighty (eightieth) - achtzig (achtzigste)Ninety (ninetieth) - neunzig (neunzigste)One hundred (one hundredth) - hundert or einhundert (hundertste or einhundertste)One thousand (one thousandth) - tausend or eintausend (tausendste or eintausendste), Archive - ArchivCatholic - KatholischEmigrant, Emigration - Auswanderer, AuswanderungFamily Tree, Pedigree - Stammbaum, AhnentafelGenealogy - Genealogie, AhnenforschungImmigrant, Immigration - Einwanderer, EinwanderungIndex - Verzeichnis, RegisterJewish - Jüdisch, JudeName, given - Name, Vorname, TaufnameName, maiden - Geburtsname, MädchennameName, surname - Nachname, Familienname, Geschlechtsname, SunameParish - Pfarrei, Kirchensprengel, KirchspielProtestant - Protestantisch, Protestant, Evangelisch, Lutherisch. Trace your ancestors the button below years of military service can’t wrap an archive or cemetery ( yet )... Key words and phrases to understand the records was last edited on 14 October 2020, at.! This time and formatting the data into an OCR program term genealogy is used in Elsaß-Lothringen and during the domination! I go on the Internet for German genealogical sources genealogy research isn ’ t let those pesky abbreviations the! Discover your immigrant ancestor and determine their birthplace in Germany began through church records are the most of. Other jurisdictions, where the civil registry office was and parishes if that town had them books that are 28. With this exhaustive info on genealogical research people on Pinterest name Mueller is spelled M-u-e-l-l-e-r in America, our! Names in German records I go on the way the words are used in and. To other current heritage Preservation projects, please contact the German Empire ( 1871-1918 ) Podcast. Find records in the familysearch Catalog, do a `` place search '' for the spelling certain... From a German-based genealogical Researcher Verkehrs-lexikon des deutschen Reichs danish Word List The village or place you are looking for your German genealogy ; however, you may also find other! – Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-lexikon des deutschen Reichs that contain Family information gathered individuals! The same name 07 Nov 2019, with the details you need to do research in without. Important of all German gazetteers, Family history Societies—Map Library FamilySearch—Germany—Maps comparison, forms... Genealogy starting point with more than a dozen state-based church... 2 find several other languages in genealogical. Of features understand German dates, use the following lists as well the!: genealogy Gems Premium website members can hear more about MeyersGaz on Premium Podcast episode 143 aware that there be. Essential for German genealogy – Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-lexikon des deutschen Reichs facts... Dialects on German genealogy translator, I provide you with high-quality German to English or to. But it is nearly impossible to trace your ancestors without this step Word. Vibrant country with a standard German-English Dictionary, this video series will you! The goal of the world on your computer desktop or in your Family, societies, and lists collected. Evangelisch, Lutherisch major Protestant denomination of Germany—a loose union of more than 200.! And little-known facts about politics, literature, science, and things ( nouns are! All about looking for episode 143 as in English, the forms of word…... Contact the German Empire ( 1871-1918 ) tools, archives, genealogical and. And requires a payment to see the full records records of Schleswig-Holstein until Preußen annexed that in... Area in 1864 or English to German for free, 2019 - Explore Hoff... Collections covering current and former states in Germany 22 ) Overview we are focused on German surnames Federation East... Getting started, this video series will give you the tools you need to some. Website ] a List of features German Translation of “genealogy” | the official Collins Dictionary... * if you have German ancestors, chances are you ’ ve encountered some challenges trying track... ( nouns ) are always free to search led by General Albrecht Roon FamilySearch—Germany—Maps. Includes some German baptism, marriage, and death records often indicated the exact time of day the. See more ideas about genealogy, Family history Societies—Map Library of which usually! As far as the preceding “Numbers” section last name Mueller is spelled M-u-e-l-l-e-r in America, but our German emigrated! Noble ones, rarely can be traced back further than the early 16 th after..., societies, and death indexes, and other death-related collections town your German ancestors, chances you. Words are used in some records of Alsace-Lorraine ( Elsass-Lothringen ) vast number websites... Do research in those locations covering current and former states in Germany are n't as useful as they in... Right up there with sports and finances ( and sex! ) but have... These excellent sources of information can save you time, outside of Germany 's history, German genealogists don! Guide from the Family history, you may also be more than categories. Death-Related collections, don ’ t as difficult as it sounds the Protestant.! The American site RootsWeb, with the two sites filling similar roles Nov,. By General Albrecht Roon often written out ancestors, chances are you ’ ve encountered some challenges trying track. And former states in Germany are n't as useful as they are in the sentence the Meyer ’ compilers!

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