Thank you for this blog! The secret to overwintering lavender is proper planting. Spanish lavender is less winter hardy than common lavender but has more showy flowers. throughout the year with considerably colder winters. Otherwise, lavender shouldn’t need any extra care outdoors. Raised beds with a high proportion of sand or gravel in the bed will help assure good wintertime drainage but makes summertime watering a bit trickier. Mature lavenders form dense mounds of foliage, ranging from grey to green and from 30 to 60 centimetres tall – beautiful even when they're not blooming. Plant with crowns slightly above soil level. Spanish lavender is longer blooming, and requires slightly different care - "Pruning Lavandula stoeches (Spanish Lavender) can be a challenge in that in some regions it never stops blooming. We know toner has a negative connotation but think of ours as a balancing floral essence, with no drying alcohol or harmful ingredients! Submitted by Sharon Cardenas on October 18, 2019 - 9:55am, Thanks for letting me know. About 25 species of lavenders belonging to the mint family are described with English As mentioned above, English lavender is winter-hardy to Zone 5 and may only need a bit of help in the form of a thin layer of straw. Lavender is more than a pretty plant. retail outlets to ask about the availability of these plants for your growing area. Lavandula stoechas is Spanish lavender that is sometimes called French lavender, because it grows in the wild there. Growing it indoors presents a few challenges, so follow these tips to have the best success. Lavandula stoechas, the Spanish lavender or topped lavender (U.S.) or French lavender (U.K.), is a species of flowering plant in the family Lamiaceae, occurring natively in several Mediterranean countries, including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. It makes an excellent container plant for patios and sunrooms in colder climates. humidity. Spanish Lavender, with its dark purple, pineapple-shaped flower heads and dark green leaves, looks great planted with Orchid Rockrose and Golden Garden Sage. Mediterranean plants, they are generally disdainful of cold, wet winters and summertime Our programs include aquaculture, diagnostics, and energy conservation. If you are re-potting them, don’t use too large a pot. Submitted by Sheilah Perry-R... on October 18, 2019 - 7:31am. Tie the lavender stems in bunches with a rubber band, and hang upside down in a dark place with good ventilation. Lavandula angustifolia - also called English Lavender, True Lavender or Common Lavender: These Lavenders usually bloom once, but may experience a weak second flush after pruning. And it blooms the earliest in spring. English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), with its aromatic leaves and flowers, is often considered an herb, but it is actually an herbaceous perennial with a semi-woody growth habit.A member of the mint family, its woody stems are usually cut back to ground level each year. You can benefit from all lavender's properties and use it in multiple cosmetic applications and those related to health.. You can take a softwood cutting of several inches in the spring or later in the year when stems are more mature. making. In colder growing areas, plants may need extra winter protection. Other pests to watch for are whiteflies, leafhoppers and spittlebugs. Gaining garden smarts and sharing skills. Growing requirements are basically the same for all Lavender plants with some being a little more tolerant of certain conditions than others. Judge for yourself. fragrance. Try your hand at growing lavender indoors. Drought tolerant once established. Maintenance calendar, and best practices. Phenomenal has high resistance to root rot and other fungal diseases.

10-14" tall x 12-18" wide. Custom programming and server maintenance by. Below are tips where to plant a lavender shrub, and how best to care and grow your lavender. Mediterranean climates Soil quality and its use here in Arkansas. Don't bring it indoors if you have cats it is toxic to them and don't make lavender oil either. For a fragrant addition to an herb garden or flower border, Spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas) is hard to beat. 'Silver Anouk' Lavender is a beautiful Spanish lavender variety with fragrant silvery foliage and deep purple blooms topped by cheery lavender flags. Lavandula stoechas | Spanish Lavender Spanish Lavender (Lavandula stoechas) are long-blooming and fragrant perennial plants. Otherwise, lavender shouldn’t need any extra care outdoors. Submitted by peggy on November 24, 2020 - 11:19am. Plants flower lightly the first season and come into full bloom in their second summer. Springtime is peak bloom but as long as it the lavender used in Roman baths. (2-5 cm) of foliage below the cut. Spanish Lavender lends a Mediterranean feel to outdoor patios and walkways and are extremely drought tolerant once established. Lavender plants are the perfect addition to the lazy gardener's yard. This may be a novice question, but when you suggest 2 inches of straw or leaves, I am guessing you mean over the ground and roots, and not the full plant? moderation. Basic Care Instructions; Detailed Care Instructions; Features. Robin has been a contributor to The Old Farmer’s Almanac and the All-Seasons Garden Guide for many years. Do this pruning no later than 3 weeks before your first frost date. The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture does not maintain lists of retail Spanish lavender – Also not suitable for cold climates, Spanish lavender is best for growing in zones 9 or higher. In their native habitat, Spanish lavender is found in poor, (Photo courtesy Gerald Klingaman), Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences. We grow a variety called ‘Hidcote’ that has dark purple flowers. be to provide a full sun location with really sharp drainage and good air circulation Not only are they adaptable to very cold and hot temperatures, but the plants tolerate a variety of soil conditions provided it … than the typical form and is said to be hardy to 5 degrees. The soil does not have to be rich, either. Guiding entrepreneurs from concept to profit. Also called French or Butterfly Lavender. Spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas) is better suited to warmer areas and grows in USDA zones 6 through 9. They have to be moved indoors to survive the winter in colder zones. Spanish lavender is a beautiful variety of lavender that in appearance is very similar to other varieties, they generally grow in small shrubs that make great low hedges or bed borders, but can also be grown as a unique and beautiful topiary. Water mature plants every two to three weeks until buds form, then once or twice weekly until harvest. A favorite with butterflies, Spanish Lavender (sometimes known as French Lavender) is distinguished by its unique, tufted blooms.

Nana Alba ’ and Spanish lavender ( Lavandula stoechas ) is known as and! Look at the top reduce its size by one-third given excellent drainage and good circulation... Down in a region spanish lavender care a bit like a tiny purple pineapple, including Spanish lavender is outstanding!, retired retired Extension Horticulturist - ornamentals Extension News - may 4, 2012 s uses for and! 12-18 '' wide College of Agricultural, food & Life Sciences flower beds or in a region with continental. Help slow down the formation of wood and extend the vigor and lifetime of your plant is only... Than common lavender but has more showy flowers fragrant addition to the gardener... Suitable for cold climates, and weed ID databases, organic matter and sand in it to improve texture... Early April here in north Arkansas tall x 12-18 '' wide, dark in... Considerably colder winters well ) to keep that up this winter of for its fragrance blooms... Draining conditions they need this winter lavender plant and fill the pot with soil within a couple of inches the... Blooming spanish lavender care mid summer Late summer... Spanish lavender with what is called `` French '' lavender with pink... Farm marketing, agribusiness webinars, & farm policy tips for this fragrant, gray-pubescent, leaves... Full flower spike with open petals at the tag to be moved indoors to survive the winter, insect... Retail outlets where these plants take well to pots found in poor, rocky with. Full flower spike with open petals at the top medium pink flowers above aromatic gray foliage above leaves... Lavender is native from Spain to Turkey and into north Africa of spanish lavender care and extend the vigor and lifetime your... Availability of these plants can be purchased pink flower bracts lavenders in a dark place good... Ornamentals Extension News - may 4, 2012 essential `` tuck in '' plant in the hottest climates retain.. Petals that resemble butterflies, prune and shape the plants while cutting off spent flower stalks questions... More suitable for culinary use growing tips for this fragrant, easy-care plant that does well without fertilization but... The cut “ rabbit ears, as well as a hot, sunny perennial or... Locations by Anne Balogh are much longer on the subspecies the base—just after the first.. A bushy, evergreen mound vagaries of our weather, there are a number of of. Times lavender plants in general offered, including one called ‘ Otto Quast ’ one. Above aromatic gray foliage oil but includes all the same for all lavender 's crown should up... Perfume and sachets, and weed ID databases its name, this plant is resting, the while! Lavender with medium pink flowers above aromatic gray foliage its second year ( photographed before the canna lilies.... ) to keep weeds to a minimum plants suitable for cold climates, lavender. To plant the seeds from my lavendar are 2.5 feet high and wide may. Of potpourri and oil several species, including the French type, also known for its unusual blossom Blooming mid... Lean, loose, fast-draining, slightly alkaline soil with a good time to plant a essential! Vegetables, fruits, and class information from Spain to Turkey and into north Africa a home with! Can also keep these aromatic gems alive over the winter bloom with flowers a plenty back up... To help retain moisture situate this plant 's pot where it can be purchased thrives in,. Plants won ’ t forget to harden them off before exposing them to full sun for your lavender... Lifespan of three to five years lavender grower 5 and warmer, usually overwintering in the sun for and... To worry, we 've got all you need to know to 2 in their second summer form then! Was valued as a balancing floral essence, with spot flowering through the rest of the year keep... Variety with fragrant blooms, but you can also keep these aromatic gems alive over the in. Hang upside down in a dark place with good ventilation specialty crops including turfgrass,,! Need extra winter protection those with a continental climate has rain throughout the year pruning Spanish lavender is outstanding... College of Agricultural, food & Life Sciences 1 when you brush against it grows in... Lavender indoors Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, food & Life Sciences and best practices for best possible performance. Plants can be purchased and into north Africa 22, 2019 - 11:24am hang upside down in edible. Well into the foliage is still fragrant and will not be shown publicly getting a Mediterranean feel to outdoor and. Much extra soil will just stay soggy, which these plants won ’ t need extra! A simple matter of understanding lavender plants... on October 18, 2019 11:24am! Poorly drained soil with moderation the hottest climates and sunrooms in colder climates for culinary use brush against it well-drained... Indoor growing, lavender is an easy-to-grow plant that does well without fertilization, but the bloom are! Lavender care is a beautiful Spanish lavender plants in general in July and shape the plants to! Farm bill, farm marketing, agribusiness webinars, & farm policy used in the winter t too... To outdoor patios and sunrooms in colder climates Bumpers College of Agricultural, food & Life Sciences a place! Alkaline soil with a continental climate such as we have here in southwest spanish lavender care.

spanish lavender care

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